A 2ply yarn equivilant to a tradtional 4ply. This yarn is idea for Fair Isle knitting, our extensive colour pallet of over 220 colours has been developed over the last 25+ years for our commercial knitwear buisiness. Supplied in 25g Balls approx 105m

Tension - 10cm 30sts 32rows on 3.25mm Needles


Double Knitting

Our Double Knitting range is available in the same colour range as the Spindrift. Supplied in 25g Balls approx 75m

Tension -10cm 25sts 32rows on 3.75mm Needles


Shetland Heather

This soft spun Aran weight yarn is ideal for textured knits, the range of heathered colours always gives the finished garment a real Sparkle! Supplied in 50g Doughnuts approx 92m

Tension - 10cm 16-22sts 20-24rows on 4-5mm Needles


Shetland Marl

Our heavy weight! This chunky yarn is a real joy to knit with available in the same colours as Shetland Heather including 6 stunning tweeds. Supplied in 100g Doughnuts approx 120m

Tension - 10cm 15sts 22rows on 6mm Needles


Ultra and Cobweb Ultra

Our only blended yarn! This very light range has been specially developed for Lace knitting. 50% Shetland / 50% Lambswool makes the yarn very soft against the skin making it perfect for baby shawls and garments. The Cobweb version is a single ply yarn suitable for wedding ring type shawls - Not for the faint hearted! Ultra supplied in 25g Balls approx 194m, Cobweb in 25g Balls approx 380m

Ultra Tension - 10cm 25sts 30rows on 3.25mm Needles

Cobweb Tension - Knitted on 3mm Needles